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The SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference has concluded for the 2018 calendar year. We sincerely thank you for your participation – we are heartened by your support and commitment to better serving the LGBTQIA community. Please take a couple moments to fill out or conference evaluation (5-10mins) and let us know what you’d like to see next year: 

SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference 2018
Resistance Through Healing: A Call To Action

The LGBTQIA community has made great strides in healthcare equality in recent years. In 2014, the Affordable Care Act’s non-discrimination provision began ensuring that transgender patients could not be denied health insurance on the basis of gender identity. The 2015 legalization of same-sex marriage afforded queer couples more health care rights and access than ever before. More health research now includes transgender and bisexual populations. Standards of primary care are becoming much more mindful of transgender health care, such as hormone therapy. Most recently, a landmark case publicly ruled against the sex reassignment surgery of an intersex toddler, among other victories.

However, the current political climate threatens to dismantle the advances we’ve made and undermine the health of our community. From the removal of LGBT questions from the 2020 U.S. Census to the military ban on transgender healthcare to the deliberate sabotaging of the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, the queer community has experienced an all-out assault on our rights and health. Hence, we have centered the 2018 conference theme around resistance. We seek to empower health workers to advocate for our community’s most vulnerable, steadfast in the knowledge that we are stronger together and the belief that no one should be left behind.

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