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Welcome to the home page for the 3rd Annual SoCal LGBTQIA Health Conference!

We are proud and excited to announce that our conference this year will center on the theme of Queering Wellness: Healing as a Community. In 2016, it became more apparent than ever that one’s personal survival is inextricably linked to the survival of one’s community. From the codification of transphobic sentiment into state legislation to the tragic execution of LGBTQIA people in Orlando, the erosion of individual rights continues to occur in the shadow of systemic injustices affecting entire communities.

For health care practitioners to set aside the political realities affecting our patients is not only lacking in compassion but also detrimental to our patients’ well-being. The pursuit of patient-centered, evidence-based, and accurate medicine is therefore indistinguishable from the pursuit of a more just society. Furthermore, we want to acknowledge that many in the health care field are also in need of healing; like our patients, we too have experienced marginalization and trauma, both within and outside of our chosen profession. We too deserve a space for reflection, support, and building collective power.

To that end, we plan to “queer” — to disrupt, challenge, destabilize, and transform — our understandings of health and wellness at this year’s conference. While we will be hearing from experts in diverse fields ranging from gender dysphoria to eating disorders, we also hope to lift up your voices, your strength, and your resilience.

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